TRE® sessions & Workshops

Are you ready to grant yourself a journey to inner peace and well-being? To step by step let tensions and the aftermath of traumatic events fade from your system? To stand strong again in your life and remain resilient no matter what?

Discover now which form of counseling suits you best, whether you want to participate individually, together with a friend, partner, or in a group. In any form of counseling, I create a safe space in which you can completely unwind, relax deeply in order to integrate the sometimes challenging emotions.

However, I recommend to attend at least 3 sessions with a certified provider. The body needs time to become familiar with the process, while the mind needs time to learn the exercises and develop self-regulation. But of course, the choice is up to you.

In the series of sessions, we work progressively, with homework between sessions and eventually a follow-up session to achieve the best results and anchor them in your life. Afterward, you will have a simple and effective tool for relaxation and releasing stress that you can use independently anytime and anywhere. Because the secret to results is just doing!

What to expect?

  • You get a brief introduction to TRE® and background of stress response and survival mechanisms

  • You learn 7 simple exercises
  • You learn the basics of self-regulation
  • You get guidance during and after the session
  • You get a booklet with the exercises to work on at home
  • Session takes about 90 min


Private Session

1 individual session



1 duo-session, price p/person


Small Group

1 group session, price p/person, max 4 persons


Series of Private Sessions

3 individual sessions


Series of Duo-Sessions

3 duo-sessions, price p/person


Small Group Series

3 group sessions, price p/person, max 4 participants


  • When booking a duo session, please select individual session in the booking system and mention "duo" in the comments

  • When purchasing a series, you can add additional sessions at the same rate

  • Please include your name and purchased service with payment