I experienced the session very good. A bit tired and actually very relaxed. My lower back was a little sensitive but that went away quickly. (...)

During the day I make a habit of evaluating 'the situation' but I find it difficult to give a grade. I see the colours in front of me 😊.

S., Mom of 2 kids

The session did it great, also because I am aware of how many times in a week I apparently flirt between certain zones that are actually not so healthy for my organism, a kind of wake-up-call.

So big thanks that we could do this in confidence with you under your expertise and safe guidance. Because the exercises seem simple so in my perfectionism I would be inclined to go over the edge (look how much more I can do! ;-)) hihi....A little self-knowledge wiser...

S., Therapist

The exercises are working well but it is still difficult to integrate them.

I did have a pressure and uncomfortable feeling in my chest the last few weeks (due to stress), Friday I did the exercises and it was suddenly much better.... Very grateful for that.


I find your style very professional, calming, empowering and very supportive.

E., Psychologist

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