Hi, I'm Daria and so glad to see you here!

Although Corona has messed up a lot, good things have arisen as well: we started to understand that spending hours at the office or rushing in traffic is not that nourishing for us, that the connection with our family and friends is so important even if they are miles away, that we way too often don't listen to our body forgetting to take care of it as we should. That we actually don't have to travel far or wait for a perfect moment to have an enlightening experience. That there may be some other way... Maybe you feel it too...

This became the reason to create YogiBox: as a toolbox as well as a cozy space for connection with one's own body.

Life does not stand still either: soon YogiBox can be found at another location:)

Body as a way

I've always believed that everything we experience leaves its marks in our body, and by working with the body we can release not only the physical but either emotional pain and tension and change our life on a deeper level, so we can start to use our full potential.

Graduated as psychologist, I've experienced that speaking about our problems is much less effective then joining a yoga-class and actually learning to feel the tension, resonating in your body, learning to give it space and just to compassionately stay with it without any judgment.

Discovering yoga

So, by discovering this opportunity, I'd joined for many years a lot of joyful Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin classes by Melanie and some other teachers, when by occasion (thank you, Luc!:))) discovered a completely new for me Pralaya Yoga by Justine Bens.

And because I was looking for a while for a yoga teacher training to deepen my understanding and practice of yoga, I'd started it on the intensive way, taking a 500hr Teacher Training Program, adding to it a 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training. And it had changed my life:)

Discovering Pralaya

When I'd started with Pralaya, I didn't like it at all.

Where was all these fluent movements, the flow and crazy asanas so I could breathe the stress out? Why did it have to be so precise? And how could I keep my gluteus maximus (my butt in plain language) active if I even couldn't identify it in some postures?!

But I was curious and kept going. 

And my body began to change, letting some old pain and stress go, so suddenly I could freely sit on the floor in an easy pose without any lower back pain, enjoy the Pigeon and feel my body getting stronger, wiser, more flexible and free.

Discovering TRE®

From time to time in my daily yoga practice, some things from the past came to surface that I could not deal with. Then TRE® came my way and many pieces of the puzzle began to fit together.

Through insights about the autonomic nervous system and stress response, I began to recognise and understand my patterns, which allowed me to look more softly at myself and others. I also learned how to (co)regulate the state of the nervous system when it is momentarily out of balance and how to release (deep) tension. Without much bla-bla, just do it....

Happy to share the insights from Pralaya yoga and TRE® with you! ❤️

See you on the mat! Because the place is here, the time is now...

xxx Daria

- certificates & training -

  • Certified TRE-Provider (Tension Releasing Exercises), Doomernik Training & Coaching, 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 2021-2022
  • TRE Advanced. Read The Body, Cheda Mikic & Dialoogplus, Belgium, 2023
  • Certified Pralaya Yoga Teacher, Justine Bens Yoga, Belgium, 2019-2023 (500 hr) 
  • Specialisation Sports Injuries, Justine Bens Yoga, Belgium, 2022-2023
  • Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Aura Wellness Center, Attleboro, USA, 2021 (200 hr)
  • Training Meditations to Change Your Brain, LinkedIn Learning, 2022
  • The Vagus Nerve Miracle, DailyOm, 2024
  • Language for Trauma, Ybe Casteleyn Trainings, 2024
  • Masterclass Working with the Diaphragm in TRE, Cheda Mikic, 2024

- other relevant diplomas -

  • Master of Educational Science - Aggregated for the Secondary School - Group 2. Pomor State University, Russia

    Recognition according to the foreign diplomas equivalence procedure with the Flemish academical degree. Original title of diploma: Teacher - Psychologist (specialisation: children with special needs, pre-school age)