Pralaya Yoga

Are you looking for a yoga practice that is accessible and safe? Where it's not about the pose but the path to it, preparing and guiding your body in an anatomically sound way?

Pralaya Yoga - dynamic, anatomically based and accessible yoga form (designed byRobert Boustany, translated by Justine Bens) - focuses on addressing weak, forgotten muscle groups and loosening connective tissue, reducing back and joint pain and other physical discomforts. Thanks to specific postures, manual techniques and the use of muscle antagonism, your body is gently and thoughtfully strengthened and becomes more flexible.

With regular practice, Pralaya Yoga helps prevent and heal physical discomforts and (sports) injuries, gives you energy, reduces pain, and opens the door to a stronger, flexible and resilient version of yourself.

Why choose for Pralaya Yoga?

Your questions

I have no experience with yoga. Is Pralaya yoga that a good choice?

  • During the classes (series) we work progressively so that you can choose a posture that is accessible to you

  • In addition, we use specific Pralaya yoga techniques to loosen the connective tissue and strengthen specific muscle groups. This way more and more postures become accessible to you (also in the classical forms of yoga)

I am not at all limber/sporty. Can I join the class?

  • No need to worry if you are flexible and athletic enough: many variations of postures in Pralaya yoga make them accessible to any physical level

  • In addition, your flexibility and strength are actually increased through the practice of Pralaya yoga

I have injuries. Can I still go to class?

  • Because we can work very specifically and purposefully in Pralaya yoga, we can help prevent injuries and sneeze them out. Still, seek advice from your doctor before you go to the class

  • It is also important that you guard your own limits during class. So it's totally fine if you come out of the pose and relax a little earlier