tension releasing exercises

Did you know that all the experiences in your life are stored in your body? This can lead to physical, emotional and mental tension that can disrupt the natural flow of your life. Your body also offers the way to release this tension, bottom-up, from the body to the head.

I warmly invite you to gently reconnect with your body, understand your nervous system and learn how to regulate bodily responses to stress and reactivate the natural mechanism of release. All this - in the safe and supportive framework of TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises).

TRE® is a proven method from Dr. David Berceli, which has gained worldwide recognition and proven effective in a variety of situations, from war zones to victims of natural disasters. It is also for you if you experience daily stress, struggle with burnout or aftermath of traumatic events.

This method includes 7 accessible exercises designed to harmonize your body and nervous system and stimulate your natural ability to self-heal. The exercises help you release deep muscle tensions arising from shock, stress, anxiety or trauma.

And the great thing is, that after you've safely learned it with a provider, you can apply this method completely independently, or in combination with other therapies. Throughout your life, whenever you need it.