tension releasing exercises

Did you know that all the experiences in your life are stored in your body? This can lead to physical, emotional and mental tension that can disrupt the natural flow of your life. Your body also offers the way to release this tension, bottom-up, from the body to the head.

I warmly invite you to gently reconnect with your body, understand your nervous system and learn how to regulate bodily responses to stress and reactivate the natural mechanism of release. All this - in the safe and supportive framework of TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises).

TRE® is a proven method from Dr. David Berceli, which has gained worldwide recognition and proven effective in a variety of situations, from war zones to victims of natural disasters. It is also for you if you experience daily stress, struggle with burnout or aftermath of traumatic events.

This method includes 7 accessible exercises designed to harmonize your body and nervous system and stimulate your natural ability to self-heal. The exercises help you release deep muscle tensions arising from shock, stress, anxiety or trauma.

And the great thing is, that after you've safely learned it with a provider, you can apply this method completely independently, or in combination with other therapies. Throughout your life, whenever you need it.

How TRE® works?

Universally, every body reacts the same way when unpleasant and/or dangerous events occur: with fight / flight / immobility response. In a primary response, we contract certain muscle groups that protect our most vulnerable part of the body: the lower abdomen.

The psoas muscles connect the back to the pelvis and legs. When faced with a dangerous or stressful situation, these muscles contract until the danger is gone. As a recovery, the body then wants to "twitch/shake" the muscles to release from the protective tension.

This is what you see both small children and also animals do after stressful events.

Because the powerful psoas muscles vibrate, in the center of our body, this resonates throughout the body. As a result, (deep-chronic) tensions are resolved naturally.

Adults, unfortunately, have often suppressed and unlearned this important tremors. We safely reawaken this mechanism with TRE®.


However, the body can only release when it is safe, relaxed and in the here and now. Therefore, during the sessions we pay a lot of attention to the techniques of self-regulation so that a release can happen in a safe and comfortable way. And they are very useful skills that you can use on a daily basis!

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  • TRE® in no way replaces medical and/or psychological treatment. It goes without saying that in case of health problems you should consult your doctor and/or psychologist.