-trauma & tension releasing exercises-

TRE is a great self-help method for releasing deep (chronic) tension and daily stress, developed by Dr. David Berceli. As a result you get more inner peace and tranquility, experience more relief and space in your body, dissolve your old patterns. 

Exercises help to release tension after stress or trauma, prevent mental burnout, regain balance, and build up strength.

These simple exercises are highly recommended for people who experience chronic stress in everyday life or experience painful memories and trauma.

Watch this video to get a better idea about what TRE can mean for your daily life:

Try TRE out!

At this moment I follow a TRE-provider training and look for the test clients. Are you interested to try this method for free (1 session)? 

What can you expect?*
-> short introduction of TRE
-> you learn the 7 easy exercises
-> you learn basics of self-regulation
-> you enjoy the process

*The session will be recorded. The recording will only be used for supervision and will be deleted afterwards.

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Thank you in advance!