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Stress, tension, and significant events are simply a part of our experience, and it is perfectly normal to feel off track because of them. They also leave deep marks in our bodies, often resulting in both physical and mental tension. Yet they make us stronger and more resilient if we can integrate them. As a species, we are neurologically, biologically, and physiologically equipped to experience, endure, survive, and evolve through stressful and traumatic events. And our body shows us the way.

You can truly relax, feel comfortable in your body here and now, amidst your daily life. These feelings are not out of reach, does not depend on external factors or perfect timing, but originate deep within, anchored in your own body. Imagine the liberating sensation of freedom, strength, boundless space, and inner peace, while your mind remains clear and steadfast!

In practice of Pralaya Yoga and TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises), we tap into the transformative power of your body. Releasing tension, breaking physical blockages and old patterns, without judgment of whatever arises. Trusting in the body's natural capacity for healing.

Ready for more strength, flexibility, and inner peace? Ready for real change? Discover powerful tools to help yourself with discomfort, tension, or stiffness and to better regulate emotions! Choose Pralaya Yoga, TRE®, or both and begin the journey toward profound transformation. Because the place is here, the time is now...

"It's not the events that cause the damage of our health. It's how we respond on them".

David Berceli

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Get inspired by the great books

"Anatomy Trains" by Thomas W. Myers is like a precious guide to the fascinating world of our bodies, and I can't emphasize enough how foundational it was for my yoga teacher training and the development of Pralaya Yoga sequences and workshops! 🗺️💫

"The Key Muscles of Yoga" by Ray Long was an essential guide in my journey to becoming a yoga teacher, in terms of anatomy. Honestly, this book has taken my yoga game to a whole new level! 🧘‍♀️💪

Who might think that even very "ordinary" events, such as a medical treatment, or a fall with your bike, incidents that are "unimportant" or forgotten, can have substantial repercussions. That they can cause a traumatic reaction later in life, depending on how the child / adolescent / adult experiences them at the time they occur.

Of course, it is a book about the amazing method of TRE, with a very accessible description of trauma mechanisms and real-life examples. But what touched me most is a view of trauma not as a nasty part of our existence that we want to avoid at all costs, but rather as a transformative experience that brings us to our essence, to our power....