Pralaya Yoga & TRE®

Talking about problems is sometimes less effective than working through your own body.

Practicing yoga or TRE® (tension releasing exercises), we learn to feel tension, resonating in our body, learn to give it space and just to compassionately stay with it without any judgment, trusting in the natural healing proces.

I would love to guide you toward developing a powerful, limber and relaxed body and mind trough the practice of Pralaya Yoga or TRE®.

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Who might think that even very "ordinary" events, such as a medical treatment, or a fall with your bike, incidents that are "unimportant" or forgotten, can have substantial repercussions. That they can cause a traumatic reaction later in life, depending on how the child / adolescent / adult experiences them at the time they occur.

Of course, it is a book about the amazing method of TRE, with a very accessible description of trauma mechanisms and real-life examples. But what touched me most is a view of trauma not as a nasty part of our existence that we want to avoid at all costs, but rather as a transformative experience that brings us to our essence, to our power....

For one or other reason it took me more than a year to read this one:) Not that it is such a heavy scientific stuff; it's much more about learning to recognise and to feel your own home frequency. Probably this feeling part made it so tough:))

I could call it a preparatory book for The Present Process. With reflections and clinical examples on how distancing ourselves from our own emotions in our early childhood makes the true self go to background. About how we are essentially constantly determined by our own history, if we ignore or idealize it, because we have continued to live in...