Pralaya Yoga &

Tension Releasing Exercises

Transformative power of your body

Stress, tension and drastic events are part of our lives and can leave deep marks in our bodies, and it is quite normal that we can feel upset by them: not only emotionally and mentally, but either physically. But they also make us stronger and more resilient if we can integrate them.

With Pralaya Yoga and TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises), we tap into the transformative power of the body. This helps to release tension, see through patterns that no longer serve you, integrate old emotions and find inner peace and wholeness. And learn to trust the body's natural ability to restore itself.

Discover and experience profound relaxation and wholeness, in the midst of your daily life, and what Pralaya Yoga and TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises) can mean for you. Because the place is here, the time is now....

"It's not the events that cause the damage of our health. It's how we respond on them".

David Berceli

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