-Practical Yoga for Busy People-

Being busy with everyday duties, we often forget to pay attention on our own body, to make it stronger, learn to relax and listen to it. Yoga is a powerful and pleasant way to get back in touch with your body, which not only makes your body and mind stronger and more flexible, but also helps to balance your emotions and teaches a lot about yourself without any words. It sounds like a therapy:)!

At the YogiBox39 you can practice yoga, inspired by Pralaya yoga (Robert Boustany, Justine Bens) with elements of Vinyasa yoga, in small groups or individually, online or offline, with tailored guidance. There is also room for a casual chat with a cup of tea so you can reflect on your yoga experience.

Because language doesn't have to be a barrier for yoga, I provide classes in my 3 active languages depending on the yogi's groep: English, Russian (Русский) or Dutch (Nederlands). And off course you can contact me in one of these languages!

At the same time writing this website in English is rather a practical choice (it's much easier to "google-translate" it to any other language counting on understandable results:))) Anyhow, if you prefer Dutch, there's a Dutch version (website in het Nederlands) as well.

Для автоматического перевода вебсайта на русский: 

  • Google Chrome -> нажмите правую кнопку мыши на странице вебсайта, выберите в открывшемся меню "перевести на русский"
  • Safari -> нажмите в строке поиска (URL вебсайта вверху) на значок словаря

П. С. не смейтесь над получившимся текстом:))))) робот-переводчик ничего не понимает в йоге:)))

Why choose for Pralaya Yoga?

Start taking care of yourself today!
  • Do you have enough of that annoying lower back pain, stressed neck and shoulders, lack of energy after a busy day? 
  • Do you need some me-time while consciously working on your body so you can be a better version of yourself and can better feel what you really need on this moment? 
  • Feeling ready to discover new dimensions and forgotten possibilities of your body practicing yoga even if COVID keeps you home

Take a look at the Yoga Classes that fit you most and join me for the yoga-practice tailored for you in the language of your choice (you can choose English, Dutch or Russian)!

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