-Pralaya Yoga-

Because of the hustle and bustle of everyday life we often forget to listen to our own body, which sometimes causes us to go beyond our limits with (pain)complaints as a result. 

Pralaya Yoga (Robert Boustany, Justine Bens) is a powerful, anatomically based, safe and thoughtful way to get back in touch with your own body, to make it more flexible and stronger. This yoga form helps to prevent and heal (sports) injuries or physical complaints related to lifestyle and contributes to better sports performance in combination with other sports.

The classes can be offered in Dutch, English or Russian.

Your 1st group class is for free!


TRE ('tension releasing exercises') is a body-oriented self-help method for releasing deep (chronic) tension and daily stress. As a result, you gain more inner peace and tranquility, dissolve your old patterns.

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