The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process | David Berceli


Of course, it is a book about the amazing method of TRE, with a very accessible description of trauma mechanisms and real-life examples. But what touched me most is a view of trauma not as a nasty part of our existence that we want to avoid at all costs, but rather as a transformative experience that brings us to our essence, to our power.

"In the end, the only difference I could detect between these outstanding individuals [Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.]  and the majority of us is that most of us often tend to run from difficult times, push them away, or pretend they aren't happening. We want to avoid pain and suffering at all cost. But I have become convinced that, in our avoidance, denial, and fear, we push away the very experiences that seek to stimulate the evolution of our consciousness. In fact, we deny ourselves the opportunity to become the person we yearn to be and are ultimately destined to become."

Allow the transformation...