Stalking Wild Psoas | Liz Koch


This may be the most poetic book on the anatomy of the human body that I have read to date.

Liz Koch, with her years of research on the psoas, sees the body as a living process and views it from a bio-intelligent perspective, rather than the more familiar biomechanical perspective to which most of us are accustomed. She sees people as living, connected systems in motion.

Nor does she view the psoas as a problem to be fixed, like an often shortened muscle that pulls the pelvis forward or causes back and hip pain. She sees the psoas as a messenger of core intelligence, focusing on understanding the underlying message and supporting natural body expression and therefore natural restorative processes.

The psoas, this perceptual organ, is energetically connected to the diaphragm, kidneys and adrenal glands, signaling survival responses, communicating disturbances and compensatory behaviors.

This is the framework, in addition to insights from Pralaya Yoga, within which my yoga classes focusing on the psoas muscles are now embedded. For movement creates form in the fluid dance of life; movement is the medicine our bodies need....