Anatomy Trains | Thomas W. Myers


"Anatomy Trains" by Thomas W. Myers is like a precious guide to the fascinating world of our bodies, and I can't emphasize enough how foundational it was for my yoga teacher training and the development of Pralaya Yoga sequences and workshops! 🗺️💫

This book unveils the profound connections of connective tissue chains within our bodies and explains how movement organizes fascia. These principles and insights are then applied very explicitly in Pralaya Yoga. It's like discovering the cornerstones that lay the foundation for me as a yoga teacher, enabling me to confidently create sequences and workshops.

What I truly love is that "Anatomy Trains" brings anatomy to life by highlighting how these connective tissue chains influence our movement and posture. It serves as my essential guide in understanding the human body on a deeper level and aids me in crafting effective yoga practices.

So, if you're intrigued by the secrets of connective tissue chains and how movement organizes fascia, then "Anatomy Trains" is unquestionably an indispensable book! 🌟📚💡